As a surrogate mother with the Surrogacy Agency in Maryland, you can earn up to $45,000 (in compensation and benefits) or more and still have time for your career and family. Student loans, your mortgage, a nest egg for the future, or whatever you need – you’ll find that being a surrogate mother is an unmatched way to not only help another family experience the wonders of parenthood, but also get ahead financially. And you’ll still be able to continue with your current employment, spend time with your family, and do all of the things you already enjoy doing!

Surrogate Mother Compensation

Surrogate mothers are real-life miracle workers, and the personal and emotional rewards of being able to give the gift of a child to a loving family is certainly a large part of the appeal for our surrogates – but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t also be financially compensated for your contributions. No matter how personally rewarding it is, we understand that pregnancy and giving birth is still a lot of hard work. Our surrogates are compensated for their time, as well as the energy, dedication and commitment it takes to nurture a child until birth and for the many inconveniences and ‘growing pains’ that occur along the way.

Surrogacy Agency in Maryland’s surrogate mothers are compensated well for all of their hard work. In addition to a base compensation rate of up to $45,000 for surrogates, all of your medical expenses – such as prenatal care, and labor and delivery – will be covered by the intended parents, ensuring you have everything you need to nurture and bring a healthy baby boy or girl into the world. If you’re interested in becoming a surrogate mother with the Surrogacy Agency in Maryland and meet the requirements, we want to hear from you! Simply fill out the easy online application and a case manager will be in touch soon to discuss the next steps.

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