Understanding Commercial Surrogacy In Maryland

Commercial Surrogacy

Commercial Surrogacy Defined

This article will help us better understand commercial surrogacy in Maryland. Commercial surrogacy is the means in which a couple compensates a woman (surrogate mother) to carry as well as give birth to their child. With traditional surrogacy, the surrogate mom is connected to the baby that she is supporting. Gestational surrogacy, on the other hand, is considered to be an ideal method of surrogacy since the surrogate mom is not biologically related to the infant that she is supporting.

Surrogacy has fundamentally changed  the definition of what it means to become a mother. We have come to know surrogate mothers as those who support a baby in their tummies for the entire 9-month period. These women who give birth to the children are known as surrogate mothers, in an attempt to distance them from the “actual” or appointing mothers.

These surrogate mothers go through a number of changes that are physical, psychological and emotional in nature. They willingly experience these transitions for they recognize the needs of intended parents to have a child of their own. Being passionate in supporting the needs of others is what you can expect to see in surrogate mothers.

Here in the US, surrogacy is well protected on some states. There are strict regulations and laws that govern commercial surrogacy. These laws are implemented in order to protect the welfare of both surrogate mothers and intended parents before, during and after their surrogacy journey. These regulations minimize complications like civil lawsuits and other problems.

Commercial surrogacy is truly a debatable subject. In countries such as India, commercial surrogacy has been  abused and resulted to human trafficking. The application and execution of rules governing surrogacy were not observed and was sadly used by people as a money making program.

Commercial surrogacy may at times have garnered an unfavorable outlook on some people. But the truth is, a lot of intended parents still depend on commercial surrogacy for the simple truth that it is the best way for them to have their own child and start a family. This process is truly a miracle of science. It offers a glimmer of hope for those yearning to build their family.

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